Generic Pump Controller - 24V DC

Generic DC to AC Inverter (Pump Controller)

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Designed originally as a solar pump controller, these DC to AC inverters are a bargain. Great for the hobbyist or experimenter, this controller will convert your DC input to three phase AC output for powering your pumps, fans, or any other device using permanent magnet brushless motors. Output voltage is proportional to input voltage (70-75% of input voltage). All controllers tested prior to shipment, and sold without warranty, manual, or technical support. See attached PDF below for solar pump wiring instructions.

24V Model:
     • 50 VDC max input
     • Approximately 8 amps max

36V Model:
• 50 VDC max input
     • Approximately 11 amps max

48V Model:
     • 100 VDC max input
     • Approximately 14 amps max

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