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Like any commercial supply house, Solar Power and Pump Supply sells products directly to other businesses, which we refer to as dealers. Our products, many of which are manufactured and distributed in-house, are priced to dealers competitively, and importantly, are sold to end-users at retail price. Our relationship with our dealer network is paramount to our collective success.

However, our offering extends beyond pricing. Solar Power and Pump Supply services and repairs many leading brands of solar pumps, including Sunrotor, Dankoff, Wright Morgan, and Aquatec in our facility in Elk City, Oklahoma. These pumps are then returned to the dealer, often times with a refreshed warranty, at a similarly competitive rebuild price that allows dealers to pass along savings to their Customer versus throwing away and installing new.


Many dealers keep rebuilt pumps with them on the truck, avoiding the time and cost of returning to the site once a warranty claim or replacement pump is procured. By already having a working pump on hand, service trips remain profitable for the dealer and cost effective to their Customer.In this way, Solar Power and Pump Supply offers a truly unique model that discourages waste, improves Customer satisfaction, maintains margins, and ultimately stands behind the products we sell.

Coupled with our unparalleled expertise in having thousands of solar pump systems in the field, dealers can rest assured that they are getting a system that will work, out of the box, and live phone technical support for issues when they arise.

With more than 20 years of experience, Solar Power and Pump Supply is truly a leader in the field, and we want to work with you. If you are a business that installs or services pump systems, download and submit your application today. This way we can already start quoting you systems when you get Customer requests and you’ll be ready to go when they are.

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